What is Squishy®?

Highly practical and pleasurable solution for using skincare and cosmetics on the go

Squishy® is a worldwide patented compact massaging disposable biodegradable applicator prefilled with a broad variety of skincare, cosmetics, and perfumery. Hundreds of conventional products can be packaged in Squishy® for a convenient, hygienic, and pleasurable use away from home or on the go.

A perfect match of the ready and easy to use Squishy® with demands of mobile modern people, the tactile pleasure applying Squishy®, self-defined assortments of Squishy® etuis (cases), a highly hygienic use, and better results clearly differentiate Squishy® from all existing products.

How to use Squishy®?

Ready and easy to use pre-filled applicator

Squishy® contains a capsule of a liquid preparation, a soft pad, and a convenient grip. When the user presses on the applicator, the capsule opens and releases the liquid that gradually infuses the pad. The user grasps the grip and can immediately, conveniently, and hygienically apply the preparation on the skin. The hand does not touch the pad and remains clean. Squishy® should be used once, immediately after opening.

What is inside Squishy®?

Hundreds of conventional skincare and cosmetic products packaged in convenient Squishy®

Squishy® can contain hundreds of various skin care and cosmetic products, almost all those that are produced today in conventional packages. You will see some examples below. Only a few cosmetic products (such as mascara or lipstick) are not suitable for being applied with Squishy®. However, they can be easily removed with Squishy®!

Are the existing solutions not sufficient?

Forget your disappointment with travel packages and wet wipes

The most common on-the-go solutions today for skincare and cosmetics are travel packages (small bottles or tubes of conventional products) and cosmetic wet wipes (moisturized tissues). These solutions are, however, suboptimal:

What makes Squishy® unique?

Technological and esthetic innovation for the mobile generation

Head-to-head comparison

Squishy® vis-à-vis conventional products

How many benefit-points would you ascribe to Squishy®?

Cosmetic wet wipes (moisturized tissues) and travel packages of conventional products (small bottles or tubes) are alternatives to Squishy® in the on-the-go segment of the skincare and cosmetic market. You decide on your favorite!

Squishy® for the mobile generation Homo mobilis

The chic design of Squishy® matches its super-innovative technological level and makes Squishy® a top-trend object among youngest customers. There is no limit for the variety of Squishy® products for a party!


Tip: Squishy® is the only way you can inconspicuously, quick, and hygienic get rid of sweat in public … or even on a date

Wherever you are - at work, in your car, in public transport, elevator, while shopping, on vacation, etc. - the diversity of convenient, functional, hygienic, and enjoyable Squishy® will enhance your life and feelings!


Not only Squishy® and its on-the-go etuis are well suited for your travel.

Take on board with Squishy® as many various skincare and cosmetic products as you need. In most instances, the volume of Squishy® is 4 ml: a 10-Squishy® etui would contain only 40 ml of liquids, which is far below the allowed liquid volume to be brought on board of a plane.

How can you purchase Squishy®?

You will be able to purchase Squishy® in place-saving 10- or 20-Squishy® cylinders and use them one by one for up to 10 or 20 applications (in your bathroom, bedroom, car etc.) or for a refill of 2-, 4-, or 10-Squishy® on-the-go etuis in the assortment that you define on your own.

Through the transparent etui lid you can clearly see product labels on individual Squishy® and maintain your desired assortment.

20-Squishy® cylinders and 2-, 4-, and 10-Squishy® etuis

Applications of Squishy®


Squishy® is a single-use applicator produced mostly (95%) of biodegradable materials and should be disposed of at best as a biowaste.



Great thanks to all those who have contributed to the development of Squishy® or otherwise, directly or indirectly, supported this project!


    Lena das Sternchen




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